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  • The best thing about working at Regin is that you get the chance to develop in a company that operates in a future-oriented industry with an environmental focus in an international group

    Johan Anderberg, Accountant

  • One day at work is never the same as the next. The variety of my role means that I am always challenged with something new and exciting

    Anna Brusberg, Customer Service Manager

  • For me, the opportunity to develop and to feel involved and responsible is very important, and these needs are met on a daily basis. Moreover, I feel like I am working on something that is important for society!

    Patrik Willskytt, Sales Engineer

  • The culture at Regin is very good, you feel warmly welcomed from the first moment

    Malou Ek, Material Planner

  • The best thing about working at Regin is that there is room to develop and grow in your role, or if you want to broaden your knowledge, many have had the opportunity to do so in other departments. We have good collaboration between departments and there is always time to ask questions

    Johanna Strömgren, Marketing Project Coordinator

  • Regin provides a highly dynamic work environment with high energy, collaboration, and engaging work opportunities. Regin is truly a team-first oriented workplace allowing all individuals to voice their opinions and make a difference regarding direction and vision.

    Maxx Tiger, Software Developer Applications